The Daugherty Sisters


The Daugherty family, ten children in all, began with the oldest siblings singing together in church in the late 70’s. Psalms and various gospel songs learned during family devotions and in their local church was their start. They give all the credit to God for the path that He has led them.

Para DaughertyPara

The eldest sibling is the pianist. She began her music ministry as the church organist of her home church at the age of 12. She was saved, February 27, 1979. She has penned many children’s songs and plays. One of her songs, “Just Call His Name” is the title song on their second release.

Sharon DaughertySharon

The fifth of the sibling sings tenor, plays piano, and upright bass. She was saved April 5th, 1987 and soon after surrendered to full time Christian service. Para and Sharon are original members of the first quartet, where Sharon sang soprano with a sister and two brothers.  Sharon keeps the group laughing with her non-stop humor.

Anna DaughertyAnna

The seventh child of the ten, sings soprano and plays violin. After many years of struggling with assurance of salvation, she was saved September 12th, 1999. At a young age, she sang…and sang. Her siblings remember her as a child standing on top of a laundry basket full of clothes, as a makeshift stage with an imaginary mic in hand, singing at the top of her lungs.  She followed her heart and later received a Masters in Music Education from Pensacola Christian College. She now teaches private music lessons, which allows her to travel and serve God in song.

Beth DaughertyBeth

The eighth sibling sings alto and also helps Sharon keep some kind of humor going on. She loves the traveling part; and is sure to have some interesting place that is ‘in route’ to visit while traveling to sing! Beth was saved December 29th, 1989. She graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a Bible degree and a minor in music.